WARNING: Fake emails in circulation!

Currently there are emails being circulated, in which domain holders are informed in DENIC’s name, that their domains are being used for spam und the spreading of malware. The holder is then called upon to click on a link to avoid having their domain blocked.
These emails are not from DENIC!
Please do not click on the link in the email! We advise you to delete the email immediately.


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DENICdirect Service Center

Transferring your Domain from DENICdirect to a Provider

You have decided that you want to have your domain administered by a provider instead of the DENICdirect service.

For such type of a provider transfer, DENIC makes available the password-protected AuthInfo procedure.

The AuthInfo Procedure at a Glance:

  1. Have a provider transfer password (AuthInfo) recorded with DENICdirect. For this purpose, we have made available a form for download. It must be signed by the domain holder or his legal representative (legally binding signature). The maximum term of validity of the AuthInfo is 30 days.

  2. Communicate the AuthInfo to your new provider and ask them to carry out the provider transfer.

  3. The new provider submits a provider transfer request with the AuthInfo to DENIC.

  4. If the AuthInfo recorded in the DENIC database and the transmitted AuthInfo are identical, the domain is transferred to the new provider without any further delay.