DENICdirect Service Center

Deleting Domains

Your .de Domain is Being Administered by DENICdirect

You can only arrange for your domain to be deleted by the DENICdirect service if your domain is administered by us. To do so, please, complete the deletion form. Please note that, for security reasons, we accept deletion requests only in writing and when they bear a legally valid signature by the holder or his legal representative. We will process your request as soon as we receive your written deletion request.

Cooling-off Period for Deleted Domains

For all .de domains, a cooling-off procedure applies. This procedure protects domain holders against an unintentional loss of their domain(s) as a result of accidental deletion. During the so-called 30-day Redemption Grace Period (RGP) a domain can only be restored on behalf of the last holder of the domain.

Your .de Domain is Being Administered by a Provider

If the domain you want to be deleted is administered by one of our members, you must contact your provider. They will process your update request.